Saturday, March 26, 2011

Challenges of a SAHM

So for fun and to get it off my mind I decided to give you my top 7 challenges of being a SAHM...I'm sure that you all have others to add so feel free to make comments! Some are just funny and some are serious! Hope you enjoy it, I'm still trying to figure this whole blogging thing out!

1. Lack of Adult interactions: Who knew that my day would consist of "talking" to a baby? I tell him everything and we have wonderful conversations but there is nothing like the 2 sided conversation to keep you interested and sane! I find myself running to the door when the mail person or fed ex guy comes just to talk to them.. hahaha or going to the mall or store to talk to the people there! Thank god for my moms group that I belong to!

2. Not having the time to complete your "to do list": When I sat here on bedrest from my pregnancy I thought "I cannot wait to be a SAHM so that I can get so much done around here" well mark my words I have not gotten anything done that I wanted to do! I thought it would be a lot easier than it is. Don't get me wrong I do the everyday stuff (well maybe the every other day stuff) that needs to get done but those big organization projects are still sitting there on "the list"!

3. Boredom: In the slightest sense of the word! Not that I am not doing something or busy all day long but you can only play with kid toys and watch kid shows so much before you feel like your brain is turning to mush!  I'm not one of those moms that sits around and watches talk shows and soaps all day I actually try and do things that will make my kid smarter in the long run! Let's face it kids are not boring at all but being in the same house day in and day out gets old fast!  We just discovered a FANTASTIC play cafe that we now call our second home! THANK GOD FOR THEM!

4. Giving in to way more things than you thought you ever would: When I was an administrator and teacher at the various daycares that I worked at I always looked at parents and thought "not my kid" I wasn't giving into anything! Boy was I in for a surprise..... Not even sure where to begin on this one!  Buying toys in the store to occupy them so you can get your shopping done, letting them tell YOU when it is time to go, interrupting the very little adult conversation that I have and so many more but I am surprised more and more on a daily basis!

5. Stuck in the same routine: feeding, toileting, playing, napping, feeding, toileting, playing, napping...... and on and on. When he was younger I breastfed him which is a HUGE committment! He nursed every 2 hours and sometimes I would pump in between so that my husband could also feed him. Now it is table foods that he LOVES!!! You cannot even say "eat" in my house without him going to the pantry and pointing to the cabinet! And forget it if you want a snack because if you want one you are giving him some too!!! I guess I should count my blessings that he does like to eat! Up until he was almost out of diapers I also had the added challenge of cloth diapering him, which could be and might be another whole blog!  Playing with his toys or singing the same songs over and over gets to be annoying. I just recently got a book of activities to do with a toddler because my mind was set on the same things to do everyday! Napping... Now here is a sensitive topic in my household!  Anthony has become the "not even 3 year old" who has given up his naps!  Usually the only time he naps is if he falls asleep in the car on the way home.  Oh and talk about doing things I thought I never would.... YES I drive around the block just to get an hour of peace and quiet!! There is only so much you can get done when he naps but sometimes it is fully worth it to get stuff done or to relax and write about him in blogs!

6. Not being able to poop in peace:  I was going to word it better but let's be honest you know what I am talking about right?  We just recently decided that it was definitely time to teach him about privacy! It took a while for hime to "allow" us to close the door for that so called privacy but now he (sometimes) lets us without a fight but he lays down on the floor and hands us toys underneath!  Does he not understand that I can go a few minutes without playing with his toys?  He is potty trained now so I "give him" his own privacy! Thank god for those few minutes away right?

7. Getting out of the house:  So not sure about everyone else but this should be my #1 challenge!  So the terrible "2's" that I am now realizing will not be ending at 2 are exactly that...TERRIBLE!  Why is it that he has to give me a hard time to get dressed and go potty when we are going somewhere that is fun for him?  "if you don't get dressed we can't go to the play place" comes out of my mouth so often that I should have it recorded!  All is good for him because at that moment all he cares about is making things difficult and thinks he doesn't want to go!  A few times I said fine we will stay home and what happens.... a few hours later he decides he is ready(which is usually at a time that we couldn't go).   I learned really fast that bribing doesn't always work!   Needless to say we are 9 times out of 10 late for what we are going to do!

And that just about does it!! I am sure if I really thought about it I could come up with so many more but this is a good start and hopefully I will get more of your top challenges as well!