Thursday, June 16, 2011

Changing things up a little!

In my past posts I have written about working from home and I will continue to write about this topic from time to time, however I also want to write about my reason for working from home as well.  My 3 year old son has so much character and personality that it would be a shame if I didn't blog about the funny, quirky, silly and obnoxious (yes I said it!) things that he does!

So to start it off I want to let you all in on a little secret "fetish" that he has.... SOCKS!  The kid will not take his socks off and refuses to wear his sandals without them! I'm sure you are thinking what happens at the pool or the beach..... HE WEARS THEM!

Situation # 1: The Beach.....It took 5 adults to try and convince him that wearing his socks on the beach was not working!  After him kicking and screaming I was able to peel his wet and sandy socks off of him only for him to scream like I was killing him.... Unfortunately it is a little hilarious because he is so strong minded that if you go against what he wants he will literally freak out so it is hard not to laugh.  To continue the beach story, once I got them off we immediately bribed him with a snack, watermelon, and that held his attention for a few minutes but once he remembered he would start crying "I NEEEED MY SOOOCKS ON!"  One by one we told him that they would not go back on his feet until they dried in the sun...... It took 4 hours of saying this every 15 minutes for him to finally stop asking and give up.  

Situation # 2:  The Pool..... I think we can all agree that swimming in a pool with socks on is silly and red socks at that?  We went to my friend's house for a nice swim in the pool on a HOT day a few weeks back and he really wanted to get in but I kept saying oh they don't allow socks in the pool and he would freak out and not go in! He WON this battle as it is just not worth fighting him on it and swam around with bright red socks on!  While he was having fun with his friend I tried taking them off thinking that he would not notice but MY GOD he did and freaked out.  Again, pick your battles right... socks back on while he was in the pool!

He wears socks ALL the time now that it is hot out.  In the winter he would not where them to bed so I would sneak in there when he fell asleep and put them on.  Now I have to sneak in there and take them off and the first thing he does when he wakes up is scream.... "I WANT MY SOCKS ON" pretty convinced most of the time he is still sleeping! 

So that is the beginning of my blogging about quirky things my son does! Hope you all enjoyed it and can relate to the idea of the situation as well! I would LOVE to hear about something similar that your children does too so comment away!

Thought these items would be great to end this blog! :) ENJOY!