Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Obsession with Super Why!

My son is up everyday between 5am - 5:30am and as a small secret, this is not my favorite time of the day!  I could adjust to being up at 6am, would prefer to sleep until 7 but I'm not going to push it! He doesn't watch a lot of television throughout the day so this time is the perfect time for him to be engaged in something other than me. He has gone through phases with what he wants to watch.  For a LONG time it was Curious George, which I loved the fact that he wanted to watch that because as a child I also loved this cute little monkey character.  In the long run it turns out that I would not be upset to never see Curious George again as we watched it EVERYDAY and I think it is safe to say that you can only take so much before wanting to ban television forever!!
His new obsession is Super Why, which is ok for now and at least a little educational so that is great! We have a glorious DVR where we have taped about 10 different Super Why's and on occasion he will watch different episodes but for the most part is is usually "The Tooth Fairy" episode.  I don't understand why he would want to watch the same exact episode over and over everyday???  If he gets the rare occasion where he gets to watch 2 episodes in a row he wants to repeat it! Like I said I do not mind this show but REALLY the same episode gets pretty obnoxious! I don't like knowing exactly what is going to happen throughout the whole show!
It is funny though because he watches with such amazement like he has never seen it before but then will start saying what the characters are saying with them.  He is cute and it makes it all worth it when he starts singing the alphabet song, not only when it comes on the show but in his play throughout the day!
I realize more and more everyday how much personality this little man has and count my blessings that I am able to stay home with him to see all of these quirky, silly, funny and sometimes annoying things!