Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Working for a GREAT Direct Sales Company!

I got away from blogging for a little while but with some incredible motivation from Laurie Walter (owner and founder of Chartreuse) I am back and ready to start educating people again!

So first I will say that if you have any interest in green, all natural and organic living you should check out the products that Chartreuse has to offer on My Website AND if you have ever considered becoming a consultant for a direct sales company you should definitely consider Chartreuse! I have never seen a company that truly cares about their consultants the way Chartreuse does! I wanted to dedicate a whole blog to the wonderful things that this company has done for me.... Most direct sales companies are pretty cut and dry when it comes to "the rules" about goals that need to be met and things that need to be done to meet them and there is no second chance if they are not met that doesn't include more money from your pocket!!! I am so passionate about these products and am REALLY trying to make it work as a consultant but it has been tough! We have to get $300 in a rolling 3 month period to maintain a 25% commission (VERY REASONABLE) but with only a few dedicated customers that becomes tough!! A few times I have dropped to where I should be a preferred customer (which is a 10% commission rate) but they worked with me and really cared about the fact that I was trying and let me remain a regular consultant! It truly is amazing!

Chartreuse is small and when you email or call you only speak with 3 different people! They know who you are and what your calling about most of the time! I can't say enough great things about these woman who have ALWAYS answered my questions in the most timely manner! WHAT OTHER COMPANY emails you back the same day let alone within a few hours~?

I feel a little crazy right now but I just listened to an interview with Laurie and as if I didn't know how wonderful she is already I definitely do now! I am pumped! READY TO JUMP IN WITH BOTH FEET And MAKE this work! I need to tell everyone I know about how AMAZING this company is and how great the products are! I use the products in my home and wouldn't dream of using anything in their place! I love the fact that I don't have to wonder what is in the products that might be harmful to my family! I LOVE that my son helps me clean because the base of the household cleaners in VINEGAR so even if her were to spill it or drink it he would not be harmed!

For every person that has a child, pet or loved one and especially those of you that take care of yourself why wouldn't you want the most natural chemical free products in your home for the relief of healthy living?????

I will end this entry by saying again how much I LOVE THIS COMPANY! I would stand behind it and the products 100% and would challenge anyone to find something wrong with them! Once you use the products you will be hooked for like! :)


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